How I Avoid Tooth Decay And Cavities Naturally

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How’s your oral hygiene? If you think it’s a weird question, it’s not. It’s actually super important.

Aside from aesthetics, it’s important for our health. A growing body of research finds that bacteria and inflammation in your mouth are also linked to other problems, including heart attack and dementia, and may jeopardize your overall health (1).

Plus no one wants a hefty dentist bill just because they didn’t want to spend 5 minutes a day working on their oral hygiene (yes that’s all it takes!)

I’m a stickler for oral hygiene and it doesn’t involve using Colgate toothpaste either – remember in my last video I told you to drop that one in the trash!

So this week I’ve got a quick dental routine that will keep your mouth free from tooth decay, and at the same time make your dentist happy!

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Today I wanted to follow up about a video I did, I think last year, about tongue scraping and why I thought it was so important.

So let me just give you a couple of tips and pointers because I was learning a couple things from a dentist that I wanted to share with you that will help you avoid tooth decay in a natural way.

  1. Get a tongue scraper. I’ll put a link below. It’s on Amazon. They’re not that expensive at all. You want to be scraping all that gunk off your tongue because (I have a whole blog about it), but you don’t want everything that sits on the back of your tongue to be swallowed back down into your digestion system. It’s not very nice. So get a tongue scraper. I highly recommend you get one that’s stainless steel. You could use copper. You use it and you scrape your tongue about 7 times.

2. Get yourself an electric toothbrush. Once I started doing this, I feel like it was really getting rid of all tartar, plaque, anything. What I learned from the dentist recently is that our mouth is divided into 4 different quadrants. Basically it’s divided in half and then you have your upper quadrant and your lower quadrant. It’s important to brush for 2 minutes total. I think I used to only brush seconds for 30 seconds, but it’s super important to do one minute on each side.

If you’re worried about your hygiene, get a timer, set it, make sure you’re brushing one full minute on each side. Your dentist will be very happy :)

The other thing why they dentists generally approve of using an electric toothbrush is because you don’t have to do much work. You’re not manually scrubbing your mouth and if you’re manually going back and forth, you can be really rough on your gums and gums don’t grow back. So if you end up scrubbing away your gums, it can expose root and then you have to get gum grafts and gingivitis can build and it’s a whole thing you don’t want to do.

3. Use the doTERRA On Guard toothpaste. I really think this is the one thing I can attribute to not having any cavities. doTERRA On Guard natural whitening toothpaste has the On Guard essential oil in it and On Guard is awesome. It’s a great immunity booster.

This toothpaste has a cinnamon taste to it, so if you like cinnamon toothpaste this is a good one for you. My mom even did a test where she started using the actual On Guard on her gums where she had some pockets and she did an experiment and her pockets reduced from a 3 to a 2 when she was using the doTERRA On Guard. So that’s a little case study for you guys.

4. Make sure you floss. Seriously you need to do this because food plaque and everything get caught in between your teeth. I know people don’t like to do it but I like the Satin Floss because it glides easier. You can even get those little picks and use that for your teeth.

My Conclusion

If you start doing these 4 things:

  1. Get an electric toothbrush;
  2. Use a tongue scraper;
  3. Make sure you floss;
  4. And use the On Guard toothpaste (just make sure you’re getting a toothpaste that doesn’t have SLS’s, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, in it. Try to go a natural toothpaste. I always recommend everything natural), I bet your mouth health will improve so you can avoid tooth decay.

So I hope this is informative. Those are a few things that I learned when I was at the dentist. If you liked it, please like it, leave a comment and share it with some friends. I love some feedback and as always I hope you guys have a good one. See you next time.

Lindsey Victoria

Lindsey Victoria

Lindsey is the author of A Life Well-Balanced, a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping people live a more balanced life – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


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