Plan The Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes With These Cookbooks

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I think one of the best parts of a Thanksgiving meal are the side dishes that friends and family whip up.

Here are 5 cookbooks to get the inspiration going to create the perfect sidekick to your Thanksgiving Meal.

The Side Dish Bible

This book is a roadmap to help home cooks round out and enhance any meal, for any occasion with 1001 recipes for every type of side dish imaginable.

Every cook struggles over making side dishes, from choosing what goes best with the main course to getting stuck in a rut making the same tired green beans and rice. But this destined-to-be-dog-ear’d compendium of side dishes changes all that; more thorough than any other cookbook, our first complete compilation of side dishes offers 1,001 perfect recipes for tonight and every night, whether you only have a few minutes or need your next dinner-party go-to.

Kiss My Casserole!

I think casseroles are the perfect Thanksgiving side dish, but let’s face it – they can be BORING!

Kiss My Casserole to the rescue! This book updates, overhauls, and flies the humble casserole around the globe with delicious, simple, and innovative results. Accessible ingredients, familiar techniques, and a touch of the exotic will make you a star at your Thanksgiving meal.

Classic Thanksgiving Meals Cookbook

Stress-free holiday cooking at your fingertips. Save yourself the time and remove the overwhelm of Thanksgiving cooking with Classic Thanksgiving Meals Cookbook.
This cookbook walks you step-by-step through how to prepare the most memorable and easy holiday meals for the entire family this holiday season without the stress.
It’s packed with more than 100 delicious and mouth-watering recipes, main courses, side dishes, casseroles, desserts, stuffing, breads so you can pick and choose what deliciousness you want to make.

Cooks Holiday Entertaining

Celebrations call for meals that impress, and with thousands of meticulously tested recipes to our name, the experts at Cook’s Illustrated are no strangers to pulling off a great holiday feast. In this timeless collection, the authors have gathered 75 spectacular, foolproof recipes from over 20 years of testing to help you confidently pull off a holiday meal to remember. There’s some finger licking side dishes just waiting for you!

Celebrate with Babs

With menus for festive moments throughout the whole year, you’ll always know what to serve. Babs bestows upon you 100 of her family-favorite recipes—passed down from family and friends through the generations, recorded on tattered and torn recipe cards, and all stored in her old wooden recipe box. She also shares the holiday traditions her family has grown to love so you can pass them down to your family, too, and elevate all of life’s gatherings into memorable occasions.

From little party hacks and entertaining tips, hosting the holidays will become less stressful and more meaningful. Celebrate with Babs will insert itself at the center of all of your gatherings for generations.

Lindsey Victoria

Lindsey Victoria

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