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Energy is all around you. In fact, you are an energy being. As you become more balanced you are apt to “feel” or notice the energy entering and leaving your physical body.

Dowsing is simply using a tool to connect to the natural energies around us and attuning yourself to receive their subtle messages. The pendulum is often the simple tool used to connect the natural energies.

The pendulum need not be fancy or expensive, however, you do need to get to know your pendulum.

The accuracy and intensity will increase with use and trust in responses received.

The movements of the pendulum and the language you need to learn.

This is done by asking “yes” or “no” questions to determine how the pendulum moves. Hold the chain between the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand and allow the pendulum to hang free.  Ask a simple question and observed any movement:


  1. “Am I holding a pendulum?”
  2. “Am I a dog?

You will see a “Yes” movement or a “No” movement for your particular pendulum. (Read here to learn about reading a Yes or No movement from your pendulum).

If a “No” is received,  stop and try at a later time or use this as the answer to your question. If the pendulum just circles, try changing the question.

It is best to keep the question simple.

Should I go to the movies Thursday evening with Bill to see “Inferno”?  is a confusing mix of several questions:

  • Should I go to a movie?
  • Should I go on Thursday?
  • Should I go in the evening?
  • Should I go with Bill?
  • Should I see “Inferno”?

If these are asked separately then you will get definite “Yes” or “No” responses.

Now it’s your turn to try dowsing!

Grab your pendulum and start asking very simple questions to begin to understand and relate to your pendulum of choice.

Gain understanding of and communicate with the energy around you.

If you want more insights, I recommend reading:

Lindsey Victoria

Lindsey Victoria

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