How many times have you been standing there talking with someone and have been super paranoid about your coffee breath? AHH, this does happen to me because I have a slight obsession with coffee!

A lot of times we reach for chewing gum or breath mints, but do you know what is in those? SUGAR! The bulk of all breath mints are comprised of some form of sugar or sugar substitute. Then they use something called a ‘binder’ to hold it all together. A binder can be anything from gelatin (which is extracted from the skin, bones, and connective tissues of animals such as domesticated cattle, chicken, pigs, and fish) to corn syrup.

Then they use Carnauba Wax to finish the breath mint to make it all pretty and shiny. You can find Carnauba Wax in surfboard wax, shoe polish, and cosmetics, but you don’t eat those things! But here’s the thing… since Carnauba wax can’t be broken down by humans and the body doesn’t absorb it, then the FDA approves it.

Look the amounts in there aren’t going to kill you, but I have a better idea…

Did you know? Over 4,000 years ago, people sucked on whole cloves to cleanse their breath. Clove—rather than mint—is probably the oldest and most common herb used for fresh breath.

So why don’t we go back to mother nature and search for the answers there – why add extra sugar and calories to your diet (the little things add up and I know how addicting Altoids and breath mints can be).

Here are a few essential oils that are known to freshen your breath while giving you internal benefits too.

  • Peppermint clean, fresh, minty flavor
  • Spearmintminty, slightly fruity and softer
  • Cinnamon Barkwarmer, spicy flavor

Oh and guess what, you’ll save money too.

One bottle of Peppermint costs $20 and it has 240 drops in it. You only ever need a few drops because of how potent it is and when you mix it with water, the spray lasts forever. Plus you know exactly what you’re putting in your body too.

**A note on taking essential oils internally. I use doTERRA certified therapeutic grade quality oils because I know they are 100% pure and natural essential oil.

Make Your Own DIY Breath Spray

  1. 5 ml glass spray bottle
  2. 2 – 3 drops of essential oil of your choice (you can get creative dependent on your flavor profile!)
  3. Distilled or filtered water

Combine all ingredients in the bottle, shake and spray in your mouth. Great ready for a tasty refreshing burst of flavor!


Lindsey Victoria

Lindsey Victoria

Lindsey is the author of A Life Well-Balanced, a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping people live a more balanced life – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


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