How To Get Over A Hangover (Using Essential Oils)

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Is your head suffering from one too many wines last night? Try these solutions for a natural way to get over a hangover…

    • Take 1 drop of Peppermint and rub it on each of your temples. The peppermint oil has a cooling effect and it directs your attention away from the pulsating head tension.
    • Grab a big glass of water and add 2 drops of  Grapefruit oil to it.* Grapefruit is known to possibly have a cleansing effect on the kidneys, lymphatic system, and vascular system.
    • Try Lemon essential oil in your water. Lemon helps to detoxify the body (I drink it every morning) and drinking a big glass of H20 with 1 drop of lemon always helps my head tensions.
    • If you’re still feeling rubbish, grab Oregano essential oil.  Oregano is a natural ache reliever. This is a very strong oil, so make sure to mix it with something… Spaghetti Marina with a drop of Oregano oil anyone?

So before you grab a bottle of Tylenol (which you should never mix with alcohol anyways because of the potential effects on the liver) try these essential oils for a  natural way to get over a hangover!

*Note – only ever ingest oils that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (like doTERRA). If the bottle says ‘Not for Internal Use’ then I wouldn’t ingest them. However, these oils that I am suggesting from doTERRA can be taken internally.

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Lindsey Victoria

Lindsey Victoria

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