Using Essential Oils As A Substitute For Deodorant

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Last week I shared a particular mainstream deodorant I’ve given up. This week, I’m sharing my latest alternative using essential oils and a crystal deodorant stick!

Crystal deodorant sticks contain mineral salt which can be used to combat the bacteria that causes body odor and essential oils have anti-bacterial properties as well.

Watch below to learn my top 5 essential oils I recommend as the best substitute for deodorant.

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Today’s topic is about using essential oils as a substitute for deodorant. If you’ve been watching my channel, you probably know I love essential oils because of their many uses. So why would we want to be replacing deodorants?

The main ingredient in deodorants are Aluminum-based compounds and they are the actual active ingredients in antiperspirants. What they do is actually block the sweat glands to keep sweat from getting to the skin’s surface and there’s been some research out there that suggests that these Aluminum compounds could be absorbed in the skin and cause some changes in the estrogen receptors of the breast cells. Those estrogen receptors can cause both cancerous and non-cancerous cells in the breast, so some scientists have suggested that the use of these are probably not the best. So I wanted to give you an alternative.

The thing is, when we sweat, we’re perspiring which causes bacteria (the smell comes from the bacteria that’s growing under the arms). So I wanted to introduce the option of using essential oils because essential oils (depending on the type of essential oil it is) have natural cleansing properties and fights unwanted bacteria or pathogens. That’s what you’re going to want to look for if you want to use a substitute for deodorant.

alternative to deodorant



Here are the essential oils I recommend.

  • Melaleuca – It is purifying and helps fight unwanted bacteria or pathogens. This is tea tree oil and it’s common. You’ll actually find this essential oil in a lot of your deodorants out there.
  • OnGuard – I personally like OnGuard and I find one drop of this is really good. It’s purifying and gets rid of unwanted bacteria or pathogens as well and it has a Cinnamon and Clove smell.
  • Eucalyptus – This is another good one as well – purifying properties and fights against unwanted bacteria or pathogens.
  • Lavender –It contains properties that fight against bacteria or pathogens. The smell is nice so you could always use that as a combination with another essential oil.
  • Peppermint– It has natural cleansing properties. I find it’s very cooling, so if you want to use that, it’s good under the arms.
  • Purify – It has Citronella, Lime, Pine and Melaleuca in it, so it’s quite refreshing and nice.

Another thing that I like and recommend is to get one of these crystals (Thai crystal deodorant bar), you wet this right after the shower and use it underneath your arm. Then I like to follow it up with a drop of essential oil. I just do one drop under each arm. If you do have sensitive skin, please use fractionated coconut oil or something to help the application of putting it on. Because of the antibacterial and antifungal properties of these oils, it keeps you dry. Try it out for yourself, especially if you’re already using essential oils – why not try it?

I also wanted to give you another quick tip, just so you’ll know where I learn about all of this. I have a book here called Modern Essentials.

This is how I learn about the properties of these essential oils. So if you open up this book – I can open it straight up here to find the exact oil that I want and then it will tell you the actual properties of it and it will say if it fights against unwanted bacteria or pathogens or it has purifying properties. There are so many different properties of essential oils, so I highly recommend this book. This is where I’ve learned everything that I know about essential oils.

So that’s my quick tip for today. If you guys want to know where to get these oils, you can leave me a message, leave a comment below or find me on my website.

As always I hope you have a really good one. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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